Outlook on Future Immigration Policy


 —keynote speech by Minister Chris Alexander  

At a time when suspicions and disputes arising regarding Canada’s immigration system and policy as well as Citizenship reform, Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander would deliver a keynote speech about the prospect on future immigration Express Entry at 6:30pm Four Seasons Hotel on July 16th,hosted by Canada China Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

At this info session, Minister Alexander would talk about why immigration policy was amended and for the first time to showcase a number of pinpoints at which the new immigration policy will target. All those attending this info session with dinner provided will probably have a chance to raise their doubts and inquiries with regard to the upcoming Express Entry and expect the answer from Minister Alexander on site.



Time: July 16, 2014 Wednesday 6:30pm–8:30pm

Venue: Park Ballroom, Four Seasons Hotel,791 W Georgia St,Vancouver, BC, V6C 2T4

Ticket:VIP $2000/table(10 persons); Ordinary:$1200/table(10 persons)

Contact: Helen Qian 604-306-6836

Christine Zhou 604-681-2838 604-368-8226