Call for Chinese Canadians’ Involvement in 2015 Politics Election

Press Conference issued by CCCICA  on June 5 ,2015 at No. 3 Rd,CCCICA.

Chinese Canadians face again opportunities and challenges with federal election approaching when it comes to getting involved in politics.

Chinese Canadians have been through ups and downs on the way to participate in Canada’s political stage since late 18th century when Chinese first landed in Canada, having made great contributions to Canada’s economy ever since. Nonetheless, Chinese Canadians hadn’t been conferred comprehensive veto rights and citizenship privileges until Chinese Exclusion Act was repealed in 1947 with Zheng Tianhua being elected the first Chinese Canadian MP in 1957.

In recent five years, the indifference to politics participation has changed gradually, more and more Chinese Canadians are taking part in the political elections. However, the willingness to be candidates and the number of ballot is still quite low compared to their population.

Since federal election is just around the corner, CCCICA is willing to call out for more Chinese communities to get involved in the election and make most of their vote rights and enhance political awareness to make our communities more livable and harmonious.

Here are some concrete moves CCCICA would undertake to abide by our proposals

1, Set up Election Mobilization Team

2,Call out migrating Canadian citizens in China in Beijing, Shanghai,Guangzhou and Hongkong to vote for 2015 Election by introducing how-to vote procedures outside Canada to them

3,Hold Candidates Forum to illustrate their motto and election program

4, Provide transit services on the date of Election, October 19 by organizing a volunteer fleet to facilitate Chinese Canadians attending the polls.