Dignitaries from Canada &China Present Galley Exhibit for 70th Anniversary of Anti Fascist War Victory

launching ceremony

CCCICA held a  Photographic Gallery Exhibit to commemorate the awful history and sacrifices made in World World II, calling for the whole world to safeguard the hard-earned justice and peace at the 70th Anniversary of Anti-Fascist War Victory.

Call for Chinese Canadians’ Involvement in 2015 Politics Election

Press Conference issued by CCCICA  on June 5 ,2015 at No. 3 Rd,CCCICA. Chinese Canadians face again opportunities and challenges with federal election approaching when it comes to getting involved in politics. Chinese Canadians have been through ups and downs

The 2nd Canada China Investment Summit Successfully Concluded


The 2nd Canada China Investment Summit 2014(CCIS for short) concluded with continued success, yielding abundant fruits with 5 significant agreements of collaboration signed among 10 companies from both sides during this two-day event.

Outlook on Future Immigration Policy


 —keynote speech by Minister Chris Alexander   At a time when suspicions and disputes arising regarding Canada’s immigration system and policy as well as Citizenship reform, Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander would deliver a keynote speech